AGM FB Cover-01This week, I’ll board a flight on my way from GLOBALHealthPR’s headquarters in New York to visit our partner agency MediaMedic in Mumbai. I’m eager to explore the colorful streets of Mumbai and experience the unique culture, cuisine and customs of India. But most importantly, my anticipation and excitement could not be greater for GLOBALHealthPR’s Annual General Meeting, which starts on Wednesday. Our theme is, “Be the Change, Chart our Future.” It’s a gathering of the world’s top independent healthcare PR agencies and an opportunity to focus on how to better work together, who wouldn’t be excited.

In a time of increased consolidation, both within the agency world and from a procurement perspective, GLOBALHealthPR is evolving the concept of a global network. We’re taking the best aspects of cross-border collaboration while stripping out the bureaucracy and barriers of the traditional PR holding company model. This approach is not novel — 2016 marks GLOBALHealthPR’s 15th anniversary — however, in recent years we’ve seen a marked shift among potential clients from a “bigger is better” mindset to a true appreciation for independence.

For three days from 17-19 February I’ll be joined in Mumbai by nearly 25 healthcare and science communications professionals who are all GLOBALHealthPR partners. Many are founders and principals of top agencies in their countries. All are brilliant strategists, great leaders and, most importantly, good people. We’ll discuss common challenges we face as independent agencies, industry trends that are shaping the way we, as communicators work, and how we can continue to set the standard for healthcare public relations globally.

While we’re there for work, it’s the time spent together that will define our memories and fuel future success. Last year’s pub dinner in London with attendees singing, laughing and toasting to years of friendship stands out in my mind. Others, who have been with GLOBALHealthPR longer than I have, speak fondly of late-night karaoke at the 2008 AGM in Tokyo, didgeridoo performances in Sydney during the 2014 AGM and visiting in the Newseum in Washington, DC. These moments form relationships and trust, both of which are critical to collaboration. The connections ensure that when the phone rings and an opportunity with a new or existing client presents itself, you can be confident that the global, regional and local market work will be addressed immediately and effectively.

It’s hard to predict what moment during the 2016 AGM will help further forge friendships and strengthen our unique global model, but I guarantee that somewhere amidst the sights, smells and sounds of Mumbai each GLOBALHealthPR partner will be reminded why We Work. Together.

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Priti MohileToday’s post comes to us from Priti Mohile, Managing Director of GLOBALHealthPR India partner MediaMedic.

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak at Indian Drug Manufacturing Association marketing seminars in Mumbai and Chennai on the topic ‘Digital Marketing in pharma’. There was a significant presence of industry employees in attendance, ranging from brand managers to marketing managers.

One thing is certain: There is immense curiosity about how the digital medium can be used by pharma, both in India and globally. Each person has his or her own unique understanding of digital and its platforms, and we can apply learnings in our own way.

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Dinesh ChindarkarIn today’s post, Dinesh Chindarkar of GLOBALHealthPR India partner MediaMedic provides his perspective on the health sector outcomes of this month’s historic election. With more than 500 million ballots cast, it was the largest democratic election ever.

Narendra Modi, India's new Prime Minister
Narendra Modi, India’s new Prime Minister

Given the current national mood that led to the spectacular victory of Mr. Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), it would only be fair to say that India, and its citizens, want greater equity, quality, transparency, and choice. That is as true of their healthcare needs as it is of everything else.

In the recent past, increasing government expenditure on health (as a % of GDP) and moving towards a system based around Universal Health Coverage (UHC) made big news. While both augur well for India, it is important to realize that they are but the means to an end. For a government with a sweeping mandate, the focus must clearly be on making India a healthy nation, understanding clearly that health has a multiplier effect on the nation’s [Read more…] about Does the New Government Bode Well for India’s Healthcare Sector?

color globe_420x3152What were the major health trends, discoveries and developments around the world in 2013? To round out the year, we’ve reached out to all corners of the globe to bring the following insights from our GLOBALHealthPR partners. Happy New Year!

The most important media coverage (both in traditional and social media) of healthcare issues was related to organ donations and transplants from the personal stories of children. In addition, mass initiatives, such as those that promoted the importance of bone marrow donation, were widely covered. [Read more…] about The Top Health Stories of 2013

Dinesh Chindarkar, Co-founder of our GLOBALHealthPR partner in India, MediaMedic Communications, elucidates about eDetailing – where technology and graphics, married with rich content, come to the rescue of mundane communication

Dinesh Chindarkar
Dinesh Chindarkar

Detailing has always been the backbone of doctors’ communication with the pharma industry for over the last three to four decades. This print tool, though has undergone quality improvements in terms of its content, visual appeal, some added gimmicks etc; all these have been value-adds within the box. Nothing has challenged it–until now. [Read more…] about eDetailing: The Future for Pharma Communication?