Image: Smithsonian
Image: Smithsonian

Recently, a Pittsburg biohacker planted a chip in his arm to track his temperature and transmit the results to his phone via Bluetooth. Despite the limited use of the device, the news reignited the biohacking debate. The term is used to define the practice of using hacking attitudes and ethics to engage with biology. This trend features people without professional or medical training developing technological devices to enhance living conditions. [Read more…] about Biohacking, Bionics and 3D Printing

Today’s blog post comes to us from Lindsay Ford of Spectrum, GLOBALHealthPR U.S. partner and Chair.

The United States is not alone in its enduring healthcare dilemma.

Around the world, the provision of accessible and affordable healthcare is undeniably challenged by a shortage of skilled healthcare professionals, the physical distance between patients and their providers, and the high cost of essential healthcare equipment. With epidemics of infectious and chronic illnesses affecting both developed and developing countries, there is an urgent need to use innovative, technology-supported innovations to transform the manner in which medical care is delivered to populations. Increasing the use of electronic and mobile health (mHealth) systems for medical service delivery not only improves access to care, but also saves money while providing higher levels of quality care. [Read more…] about Digital Doctors Lessening the Divide in Health Communications

Dinesh Chindarkar, Co-founder of our GLOBALHealthPR partner in India, MediaMedic Communications, elucidates about eDetailing – where technology and graphics, married with rich content, come to the rescue of mundane communication

Dinesh Chindarkar
Dinesh Chindarkar

Detailing has always been the backbone of doctors’ communication with the pharma industry for over the last three to four decades. This print tool, though has undergone quality improvements in terms of its content, visual appeal, some added gimmicks etc; all these have been value-adds within the box. Nothing has challenged it–until now. [Read more…] about eDetailing: The Future for Pharma Communication?

With smart phones and Twitter at the ready, the first annual International Healthcare Social Media Summit kicked-off at 9:00 am EST on May 18th in Washington, D.C.

Spectrum’s own John Seng welcomed all attendees, virtual and physical, including GLOBALHealthPR partners from over seven countries and introduced the four panelists: Aurora PR‘s Neil Crump and Aaron Pond (UK) , PR PartnersPaola de la Barreda (Mexico) and Spectrum’s Anthony LaFauce.

Panelists presented data found in an 11 country, cross-cultural case study pertaining to the malaria pandemic and the evolving use of social media as an outreach resource. You can watch the event start to finish below.

[Read more…] about The Malaria Conversation on a Global Scale & What it Means for Communicators

Today, Amanda Sellers shared the results of our global awareness campaign at the 2010 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) fourth annual National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing and Media. The “Find the Other 150” campaign “found” 24 percent more children with a rare, fatal, and rapid aging disease called Progeria, a disease affecting less than .01% of the world’s population.

In creating and carrying out the campaign for The Progeria Research Foundation,  firms in 10 countries collaborated through GLOBALHealthPR, the largest independent public relations group dedicated to health communications worldwide.

Reaching out to media and medical professionals with culturally relevant and strategic communications methods, as well as using online tools such as the campaign website (, the awareness generated more than 20 inquiries to PRF about potential children with Progeria in six months. From these inquiries, 13 new children with Progeria were identified from seven countries, increasing the total number of children known to have Progeria worldwide to 67 (a 24 percent increase). Watch below to hear more about the campaign from Amanda Selllers and click here to view the campaign poster and press release.