The Global Guides Series

Need further proof of the depth of our healthcare expertise globally?

With our unrivaled knowledge of the healthcare sector, we’ve developed the global guide series to help industry leaders understand the key stakeholders, processes and discrepancies in healthcare communications and marketing across key global markets.

These resources, fused with the partnership and unparalleled expertise you get from GHMC, help transform insights into actionable strategies, based on clients’ unique needs.

Marketing Codes
The Global Guide to Pharma Marketing Codes

Now in its fourth edition, The Global Guide to Pharma Marketing Codes is an indispensable resource for life-science marketers and communicators who serve in international roles, providing them a country-by-country overview of what activities are and are not permitted locally when engaging media and key stakeholders.

Market Access
The Global Guide to Market Access

In global healthcare communications and marketing, understanding cultural context is no longer enough. You must place your brand or company’s story within the proper value context, and for this reason, GHMC has developed The Global Guide to Market Access.

Updated for 2021, The Global Guide to Market Access gives you a window into the biopharmaceutical reimbursement environment in more than 25 countries.

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