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At least not Down Under. Today’s post comes to us from John Seng, Founder and CEO of GLOBALHealthPR US Partner and Chair, Spectrum.

Traveling down the south coast of Australia following our GLOBALHealthPR annual meeting several weeks ago, I stopped in at a NewsPower store in Bateman’s Bay to look for a souvenir or two for family members, plus to satisfy a little curiosity about what Aussies read today.Extra-Extra-1-300x169-300x169


[Read more…] about EXTRA! EXTRA! Print Not Dead!

Today’s blog comes to us from Berbés Asociados, our GLOBALHealthPR partner in Spain.

2013 was not a good year for the media in Spain, according to a new annual study of the Madrid Press Association. Last year, a total of 4,434 journalists lost their jobs and 73 media companies closed. [Read more…] about Spain’s Journalists: Happy Professionals?

color globe_420x3152What were the major health trends, discoveries and developments around the world in 2013? To round out the year, we’ve reached out to all corners of the globe to bring the following insights from our GLOBALHealthPR partners. Happy New Year!

The most important media coverage (both in traditional and social media) of healthcare issues was related to organ donations and transplants from the personal stories of children. In addition, mass initiatives, such as those that promoted the importance of bone marrow donation, were widely covered. [Read more…] about The Top Health Stories of 2013


Today’s blog post comes to us from Lindsay Ford of Spectrum, United States partner and chair of GLOBALHealthPR.

Today, October 10th, is World Mental Health Day.  On this day, people join to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world. Organizations like the World Health Organization invest resources to develop technical and communication materials to raise awareness and combat stigma surrounding mental illness. [Read more…] about How to Make a Difference on World Mental Health Day

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“Historias Mayo” article raising awareness of organ donation

Today’s insights come courtesy of Nallely Moreno of our GLOBALHealthPR Mexico partner, PRPartners.  

Throughout the world, the Mayo Clinic is known as a top source for scientific research and medical education and care. Because the media already uses Mayo Clinic as a reference, the organization has a distinct advantage when it has news. Whereas traditionally, a press release is not sufficient to gain media attention, the Mayo Clinic has an already-primed audience watching for news. In 2012 alone, we managed to get 627 stories and articles published for the Mayo Clinic. [Read more…] about Modifying Tactics to Help Mayo Clinic Succeed: A Lesson in PR

Spectrum’s GLOBALHealthPR partner Aurora launched an impotence awareness campaign for Eli Lilly and Co. in recent weeks and recently shared some of the campaign deliverables with us.

“Impotence is common. But most men do not talk about it, and those who do wait more than a year before talking to a doctor,” said Aurora Principal Claire Eldridge. “To make the campaign appeal to more men in the UK, we have capitalised on the Ashes Test Series, which is taking place in July and August, and developed a cricket-themed campaign: Bowl Your Maiden Over.” This is a cricketing term but also works well as a message to British men this summer.”

Aurora developed a Web site called, which features a video with an English ex-cricketing hero, Phil Tufnell, and media medic Rob Hicks.

They also developed a multi-media news release, which you can view here.

(“Bowl Your Maiden Over” is sponsored and presented by Lilly UK.)

Some sports history experts believe that American baseball is a cousin to English cricket. I’m still trying to figure out how “Bowl Your Maiden Over” would translate in Yankee Stadium!

More important, “Bowl Your Maiden Over” makes a solid case history for strategic thinking by the Aurora team to link an all-too-common condition with a popular sport and a message of hope and healthy options for men.