Eli Lilly and Co.

Spectrum’s GLOBALHealthPR partner Aurora launched an impotence awareness campaign for Eli Lilly and Co. in recent weeks and recently shared some of the campaign deliverables with us.

“Impotence is common. But most men do not talk about it, and those who do wait more than a year before talking to a doctor,” said Aurora Principal Claire Eldridge. “To make the campaign appeal to more men in the UK, we have capitalised on the Ashes Test Series, which is taking place in July and August, and developed a cricket-themed campaign: Bowl Your Maiden Over.” This is a cricketing term but also works well as a message to British men this summer.”

Aurora developed a Web site called www.bowlyourmaidenover.com, which features a video with an English ex-cricketing hero, Phil Tufnell, and media medic Rob Hicks.

They also developed a multi-media news release, which you can view here.

(“Bowl Your Maiden Over” is sponsored and presented by Lilly UK.)

Some sports history experts believe that American baseball is a cousin to English cricket. I’m still trying to figure out how “Bowl Your Maiden Over” would translate in Yankee Stadium!

More important, “Bowl Your Maiden Over” makes a solid case history for strategic thinking by the Aurora team to link an all-too-common condition with a popular sport and a message of hope and healthy options for men.