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Today’s blog post comes to us from Nallely Moreno of GLOBALHealthPR Mexico partner, PR Partners.key-pr-e1400693140746-300x300

Quantifying the social impact of any discipline is not easy, and public relations is no exception. Globally, when it comes to establishing specific parameters to properly measure social impact, there are still “gray zones.” [Read more…] about Finding Solid Ground: Using PR to Transcend the Intangible

How appropriate that GLOBALHealthPR Australia partner VIVA! Communications chose Alexion’s David Kwasha to share his personal and Company views on rare diseases on World Rare Disease Day during our two-day annual general meeting in Sydney, Australia last week.AGM-14-Logo

He challenged our group of leading, independent health-focused public relations firms to do more to advance the cause of rare diseases, and in particular, ultra-rare diseases.

In the U.S., a rare disease affects fewer than 200,000 persons, and an ultra-rare disease, fewer than 6,000.

David seemed happy to know that GLOBALHealthPR has already supported the location and identification of nearly 100 percent more children with Progeria, most definitely an ultra-rare disease in which children age rapidly. To date, about 110 children have been identified living with Progeria, an increase from 50 or so just five years ago. We titled our campaign “Find the other 150” because at the time, about 200 Progeria children were estimated worldwide. [Read more…] about Realizing Rare Opportunities

Today’s post comes to us thanks to PR Partners, our GLOBALHealthPR partner in Mexico.

banderawithpillThe global pharmaceutical industry is experiencing important changes. Among them, the loss of patents to major blockbusters, the arrival of biosimilars and, more importantly, a new scene regarding regulatory issues.  With respect to the latter, Mexico has gone through many changes. We are not the only ones; it’s something we’re seeing in many countries around the world. Because of this, strategic creativity and a renewed focus communication campaigns have become a must. [Read more…] about Pharma Communication in Mexico Changing According to Market Needs

Today’s post comes to us from Eric Gaxiola of our GLOBALHealthPR partner in Mexico, PR Partners.

Pink ball being used in a Mexican League game last month

Throughout the month of October, countries around the world joined together to raise awareness about the importance of routine screening and early diagnosis for breast cancer.

In Mexico, the PR Partners team led an awareness campaign called “Pink Victory” that successfully reached a sizeable percentage of the population.  The campaign was spurred by a joint effort between Pfizer, the Mexican Soccer Federation and Voit. The campaign consisted of all Mexican Soccer League games playing with a pink soccer ball. Additionally, in some cities, there were information booths and the opportunity to perform mammograms outside the stadium. [Read more…] about Mexico Sports Pink in October to Support Breast Cancer Awareness

AmericanHealthandFitness HM HBoleaga
“Historias Mayo” article raising awareness of organ donation

Today’s insights come courtesy of Nallely Moreno of our GLOBALHealthPR Mexico partner, PRPartners.  

Throughout the world, the Mayo Clinic is known as a top source for scientific research and medical education and care. Because the media already uses Mayo Clinic as a reference, the organization has a distinct advantage when it has news. Whereas traditionally, a press release is not sufficient to gain media attention, the Mayo Clinic has an already-primed audience watching for news. In 2012 alone, we managed to get 627 stories and articles published for the Mayo Clinic. [Read more…] about Modifying Tactics to Help Mayo Clinic Succeed: A Lesson in PR

Today’s post comes to us from Laura Hernandez of GLOBALHealthPR partner in Mexico, PR Partners.

Mexico faces a major social problem due to the high prevalence of teenage pregnancy. According to the 2012 National Health and Nutrition Survey (ENSANUT), 51.9% of sexually active females aged 12 to 19 have been pregnant.

El Nuevo mexicano [Read more…] about Mexico Faces a Major Health Challenge: Teenage Pregnancy