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Argentina Roadmap
A roadmap to health system efficiency?
Image: G. Novick presentation

In today’s post, Eugenia de la Fuente of GLOBALHealthPR Argentina partner Paradigma PEL Comunicación explains why Argentina needs a uniform health technology assessment process – and why the media should take notice of the issue.


[Read more…] about Dilemmas Over the Approval and Delivery of New Health Technologies in a Fragmented and Inefficient System

Today’s post comes to us from our GLOBALHealthPR Argentina partner, Paradigma PEL Comunicación.argentina food and flag

As the saying goes, “we are what we eat.” Because of this, or perhaps due to the increasing amount of scientific evidence regarding the impact of food on health, over the recent months, the Argentine media has been reporting different news related to several aspects of our daily diet. Due to the increase in reports, the media has gradually been putting the debate about the impact of food on health on the local agenda. [Read more…] about Nutrition in Argentina: The Growing Debate on Vegetarianism, Processed Foods and Organic Products

How appropriate that GLOBALHealthPR Australia partner VIVA! Communications chose Alexion’s David Kwasha to share his personal and Company views on rare diseases on World Rare Disease Day during our two-day annual general meeting in Sydney, Australia last week.AGM-14-Logo

He challenged our group of leading, independent health-focused public relations firms to do more to advance the cause of rare diseases, and in particular, ultra-rare diseases.

In the U.S., a rare disease affects fewer than 200,000 persons, and an ultra-rare disease, fewer than 6,000.

David seemed happy to know that GLOBALHealthPR has already supported the location and identification of nearly 100 percent more children with Progeria, most definitely an ultra-rare disease in which children age rapidly. To date, about 110 children have been identified living with Progeria, an increase from 50 or so just five years ago. We titled our campaign “Find the other 150” because at the time, about 200 Progeria children were estimated worldwide. [Read more…] about Realizing Rare Opportunities

By Lucía Ferro of GLOBALHealthPR Argentina partner, Paradigma PEL Comunicación

On November 2nd, the third annual No Dieta event in Buenos Aires united individuals who wish to reach a comfortable and healthy body weight without depriving themselves of the pleasure of dieta - auditorium

No Dieta is an eating philosophy that protests restrictive diets and instead promotes varied and balanced healthy eating. “When we forbid certain foods, all we do is generate more desire. In the “no dieta” movement everything can be eaten, but the key is measuring the portions and living an active life,” explained Dr. Mónica Katz, the leader of the meeting. [Read more…] about The “No Dieta” Movement: A Growing Argentinian Philosophy That May Make You Reconsider Your Eating Habits

Digital volunteers are signing up to become organ donors in Argentina

By Lucía Ferro, of GLOBALHealthPR Argentina partner Paradigma PEL Comunicación

Red Solidaria (Solidarity Network), founded in 1995 and active in 80 communities throughout Argentina, is one of the most important NGOs in Argentina. Recently this organization launched a new proposal to the whole community: solidarity through social media networks. [Read more…] about Solidarity: Digital Volunteering through Social Networks in Argentina

Paradigma, our GLOBALHealthPR partner in Argentina, presents insights from a new study on sexual and reproductive health.

Solamente Vos A recent study in Argentina carried out by Fundación Huésped and UNICEF proved television’s great potential to influence the public’s opinion on sexual and reproductive health.  Fundación Huésped and UNICEF teamed up with the script authors, producers and actors of popular primetime comedy show Solamente Vos” to co-create an episode in which one of the characters, an adolescent girl, has sexual intercourse for the first time. The idea was to emphasize the use of the condom and the role of women in the suggestion of its use and provision. What was most interesting in this study is that they obtained specific information about the impact of the show, as they evaluated sexual and reproductive health attitudes of the viewers before and after the episode’s broadcast through a survey of 700 TV viewers. [Read more…] about Sexual Initiation and Women’s Empowerment: How TV Impacts Social Perception and Behavior