By Lucía Ferro of GLOBALHealthPR Argentina partner, Paradigma PEL Comunicación

On November 2nd, the third annual No Dieta event in Buenos Aires united individuals who wish to reach a comfortable and healthy body weight without depriving themselves of the pleasure of dieta - auditorium

No Dieta is an eating philosophy that protests restrictive diets and instead promotes varied and balanced healthy eating. “When we forbid certain foods, all we do is generate more desire. In the “no dieta” movement everything can be eaten, but the key is measuring the portions and living an active life,” explained Dr. Mónica Katz, the leader of the meeting. [Read more…] about The “No Dieta” Movement: A Growing Argentinian Philosophy That May Make You Reconsider Your Eating Habits

What can culture teach us about nutrition?

A week of groceries in the United States
Photo: Peter Menzel/Time Magazine

Last weekend, while walking down 14th Street Northwest in Washington, DC, I was fascinated by the international flavors that surrounded me. On the left: French, Japanese, Thai and Ghanan restaurants. On the right: American fried chicken, Salvadoran, Mexican, Italian and Ethiopian restaurants. The options are as diverse as DC’s population itself. They are also a reflection of migration flow in an increasingly globalized world. [Read more…] about We Are What We Eat

The evolution of Health 2.0 in our data-driven world calls for a shift in the way health organizations locate and communicate with their target audiences. While health challenges abound in local communities and on a global scale, so does the potential within the communication tools and technology that we hold.

Spectrum’s team of health communicators from across the globe will converge in Washington, D.C. on May 18th from 9-10:30 a.m. ET to present data and reveal insight from a global listening program. The listening program was conducted in 11 countries to assess the impact and conversation around malaria. During tomorrow’s event, the International Healthcare Social Media Summit team will discuss the implications for the data found, as well as offer insight into strategies for using digital tools to benefit national and international healthcare organizations today. For more information about the summit and to register, please visit the event page. You can also view live-streaming of the summit or follow the conversation on Twitter: #ihsms.

We are thrilled to be working with our GLOBALHealthPR network on this first of its kind event. Bringing the partners together, in one centralized place, to explore the ins and outs of social media is something that I’m personally really excited to be a part of. In the days following the event, Spectrum is hosting GLOBALHealthPR’s 2011 Annual General Meeting. Network partners from South America to Europe to the Asia Pacific will meet at our D.C. office to discuss network business, exchange best practices and enjoy each other’s company.

Stay tuned for photos, tweets, videos and more from the IHSMS and the annual meeting…