Argentina Roadmap
A roadmap to health system efficiency?
Image: G. Novick presentation

In today’s post, Eugenia de la Fuente of GLOBALHealthPR Argentina partner Paradigma PEL Comunicación explains why Argentina needs a uniform health technology assessment process – and why the media should take notice of the issue.


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The ACIAPO Foundation of Argentina, together with other patient associations in the region, inquired into the major difficulties encountered by affected people after they receive their diagnoses. The most frequent ones: bureaucracy and exceedingly long waiting times. GLOBALHealthPR Argentina partner Paradigma explains.

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Today’s post comes to us from our GLOBALHealthPR Argentina partner, Paradigma PEL Comunicación.

In Argentina, fluff science pieces, parental perceptions of the “natural way” to raise children and a general weariness of industry and government have led to a rise in anti-vaccine movements. It’s time to take the science seriously and start discussing the facts, scientific communicators say.Child receiving vaccine

At a time when anti-vaccine movements are growing and their dangerous consequences have started to attract attention throughout the world, Argentine mass media have not been alien to the immunization debate. At times they have had a positive impact, while at others, not so much. [Read more…] about The Risk of Misinforming when Talking about Vaccination

Today’s blog comes to us from GLOBALHealthPR partner in Argentina, Paradigma PEL Comunicación.

Caught between Frankenstein and an unfathomable labyrinth. That is how many Latin-Americans feel when navigating their country’s health system, explained prominent Argentinean health systems expert Dr. Rubén Torres, former Area Manager of Health Systems based on Primary Health Care of the Pan American Health Organization. (PAHO) during a recent journalist training session in Buenos Aires.

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