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Today, Ricardo Bernal of GLOBALHealthPR Mexico partner PRP gives us a look at how to engage multiple stakeholders and the public on an important health issue – teenage pregnancy.

In Mexico, one in two sexually active females aged 12 to 19 is pregnant. This forever alters these young women’s lives as well as the dynamics of their families. Among many issues they face, pregnant teens risk dropping out of school, increases in poverty levels, perpetual low-income jobs and, in most cases, an increased possibility of getting pregnant again in the following years.

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Deadly, Communicable Disease Helps Shrink the World

New York Times editorial writers warned on November 25 that the West African nation of Mali may likely become the next target for a widespread, life-threatening Ebola virus outbreak. The editorial reported totals of more than 15,000 people made sick by the virus thus far, killing 5,400 with most of the victims in West Africa. That number has grown since to include over 18,000 diagnosed and almost 7,000 killed.

Examples of sensationalized Ebola headlines seen in the United States
Examples of sensationalized Ebola headlines seen in the United States. Images: CNN, USA Today

As a U.S.-based, professional health care communicator, like most other Americans, I was certainly aware of the outbreak of deaths in West Africa, and was concerned for the sake of that regional population, but not really from the standpoint of any potential risk to Americans.

But when U.S. media broke the news of the first American to die from Ebola on U.S. soil, I couldn’t help wonder whether our sensational reporting bordering on panic was shared elsewhere in the world. Also, is the drama in the media overdone or justified?

I queried our GLOBALHealthPR agency partners in other countries affected by the virus such as Spain and the United Kingdom, as well as countries that at the time weren’t directly involved at the time, including Portugal, Argentina, Japan, and Singapore; to understand how local authorities and media were addressing Ebola. What was being done and reported, and what insights can we glean? [Read more…] about A Global Media Scan of the Ebola Outbreak

baby hatch
A baby hatch used in a Rome hospital

Today’s post comes to us from Kirsten Bruce of GLOBALHealthPR Australia partner, VIVA! Communications. The views expressed herein are those of the author.

In the wake of two tragic incidents involving the abandonment of unwanted newborn babies in Sydney, Australian authorities are considering introducing ‘baby hatches’, a safe haven where people (typically mothers) can bring their unwanted babies and leave them anonymously, predominantly for adoption. [Read more…] about Australian ‘Baby Hatches’ a Potential Solution to Abandonment

Today’s post comes to us from Fabíola Capalbo, Account Executive at GLOBALHealthPR Brazil partner, Tino Comunicação.

Por Dentro da Camisinha 2 - Credito Danilo Cervan BAs the only communications agency in Brazil dedicated exclusively to healthcare and quality of life, we strongly believe in the importance of expanding projects and partnerships to promote healthy behaviors.

One of these proud partnerships promotes sexual health and encourages positive behaviors among Brazilian youth. [Read more…] about Sex Education in Brazil: The Right To A Healthy Life

CVS Health Collage

Jessica Klepac is Director of Design for GLOBALHealthPR US Partner and Chair, Spectrum.

I’m not a smoker, but as a designer I can appreciate brilliant marketing. So I had to grab “The Last Pack” when I was in a CVS pharmacy last weekend.

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that as of September 1, you can no longer buy cigarettes at CVS. And in addition to removing cigarettes from its shelves, the company adopted a new name – CVS Health. I read the news and saw the story online, but until I walked into a CVS I did not realize the extent to which the company embraced the “health” part of its new name. CVS quit cigarettes and is trying to help customers quit, too, with a pretty creative campaign.

As soon as I walked into the store I was greeted by signs that read, “Ready To Quit?” and “Let’s Quit Together.” After quickly grabbing the few items I needed, I stood in line and took in the whole store. Everywhere I turned, CVS was sending me a message, letting me know they had my back if I was ready to quit smoking. Again, not a smoker, but it sure did impress me. [Read more…] about This Makes Me Want to Quit Smoking. And I Don’t Even Smoke!

In healthcare communications, key messages can do social good. See how our GLOBALHealthPR Mexico partner, PRP, is playing its part by promoting conservation, public health and the client all in one. 

Water is a limited resource that is continuously stretched to meet increasing global demand. The water we consume today is the same water that we will have in 2050. Taking control of the situation becomes something vital. Nowadays every little action towards water protection and conservation adds up to a common goal: assure water for future generations.water conservation - drop in glass

Mexico is among nations that are facing a rapidly diminishing supply of fresh water. According to Juan Javier Carrillo, member of the Water Net (Red del Agua) from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), in 2050 Mexico will have less than one-third the amount of fresh water per capita that it has today. [Read more…] about Bridging Conservation, Public Health and Industry Through Communication