New regional headquarters, senior appointment and Hong Kong agency partner reflect growing demand for GLOBALHealthPR’s unique independent agency network


NEW YORK, 11 January 2017 – GLOBALHealthPR®, the largest independent health and science communications agency partnership worldwide, has announced the opening of its new Asia-Pacific headquarters, located in Singapore’s Central Business District. The new office is opening under the direction of James Yi, the newly appointed Executive Director, APAC. It also follows the recent addition of Madison Communications as GLOBALHealthPR’s exclusive partner in Hong Kong, allowing the network to more closely support emerging client needs in the region.

James Yi
James Yi, new Executive Director, APAC

Asia Pacific (APAC) is an important region for GLOBALHealthPR, which boasts a global presence in more than 40 markets spanning six continents. The unique GLOBALHealthPR model, which has united a roster of best-in-market independent agencies, is now in its 16th year of operation with more than a decade working in APAC. The GLOBALHealthPR network delivers local, regional and global healthcare communications expertise through carefully selected partner agencies that choose to work together based on shared values, independence and flexibility.

“GLOBALHealthPR has successfully harnessed the dedication and commitment of top independent agencies, creating a communications powerhouse with deep-rooted and focused expertise across the APAC region,” said Yi. “By aligning the strongest regional agencies, GLOBALHealthPR has created an unmatched ability to deliver health and science strategies, while remaining both nimble and aggressive in communicating with key stakeholders. I look forward to forging partnerships with our clients that go beyond the confines of a traditional holding company model.”

Yi steps into his new role having spent the last 12 years based in APAC leading both regional and country-level PR programming. Overall, he has 20 years of experience in the health and communications industries, including leading the healthcare team at Fleishman-Hillard in Singapore, successfully starting his own firm focusing on the health sector, and serving as Managing Director of Ogilvy Public Relations Vietnam and CEO & Market Leader for Burson-Marsteller Korea.

“The Asia Pacific region is the source of considerable growth and innovation in the healthcare industry, creating an increased need for best-in-class, health-focused strategic communications solutions for clients in the region,” said Jonathan Wilson, President of GLOBALHealthPR. “James is a proven leader with more than two decades of experience working across diverse roles and geographies in the health and life-science industries. We’re thrilled he’s chosen to join GLOBALHealthPR and believe he has the right vision and expertise to further our position as the top healthcare communications network in the region.”

About GLOBALHealthPR®

Founded in 2001 with headquarters in New York and regional hub offices in London and Singapore, GLOBALHealthPR is a partnership of independently owned and operated health and science communications agencies that choose to work together based on common values. With more than 600 health-specialist communications professionals, researchers and medical advisors on staff serving over 200 organizations globally, the agencies that make up the partnership share a belief in insights-driven strategies and a commitment to collaboration in order to provide clients the best possible counsel and execution.

GLOBALHealthPR’s presence spans more than 40 countries covering Europe, North America, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and the Asia-Pacific regions. GLOBALHealthPR clients include top global pharmaceutical companies, medical-device manufacturers, consumer goods companies and hospital organizations.

For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter: @GLOBALHealthPR.


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Deadly, Communicable Disease Helps Shrink the World

New York Times editorial writers warned on November 25 that the West African nation of Mali may likely become the next target for a widespread, life-threatening Ebola virus outbreak. The editorial reported totals of more than 15,000 people made sick by the virus thus far, killing 5,400 with most of the victims in West Africa. That number has grown since to include over 18,000 diagnosed and almost 7,000 killed.

Examples of sensationalized Ebola headlines seen in the United States
Examples of sensationalized Ebola headlines seen in the United States. Images: CNN, USA Today

As a U.S.-based, professional health care communicator, like most other Americans, I was certainly aware of the outbreak of deaths in West Africa, and was concerned for the sake of that regional population, but not really from the standpoint of any potential risk to Americans.

But when U.S. media broke the news of the first American to die from Ebola on U.S. soil, I couldn’t help wonder whether our sensational reporting bordering on panic was shared elsewhere in the world. Also, is the drama in the media overdone or justified?

I queried our GLOBALHealthPR agency partners in other countries affected by the virus such as Spain and the United Kingdom, as well as countries that at the time weren’t directly involved at the time, including Portugal, Argentina, Japan, and Singapore; to understand how local authorities and media were addressing Ebola. What was being done and reported, and what insights can we glean? [Read more…] about A Global Media Scan of the Ebola Outbreak

Last August, Bloomberg compiled a list of the most efficient healthcare systems around the world.  The ranking took into consideration the healthcare cost per capita, percentage of GDP spent on health care and life expectancy. Researchers looked at data from the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Health Organization (WHO) and Hong Kong’s Department of Health, and gave each country a score out of a 100. Our countdown begins with the top two countries in the Western Hemisphere, followed by the top six overall:

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Singapore’s skyline during record-breaking haze levels

In late June, as Singapore’s PSI (Pollutant Standards Index) levels shot up to record-breaking levels on the back of haze originating from forest fires in Indonesia’s Sumatra island, Mileage saw an opportunity to release a campaign about eye health in light of the haze situation. The haze affected many parts of the region, and blanketed Singapore in thick smog for more than a week. High concentration of particulate matter in the air meant a potential increase in the number of people suffering from eye ailments. Hence, the release would prove timely to educate the general public with tips and precautions to take during the haze situation, while increasing the public profile of our client – Shinagawa LASIK & Eye Centre.

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