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We’re thrilled to share the news that Mr. Yap Boh Tiong of GLOBALHealthPR Singapore partner, Mileage Communications, has been awarded the prestigious Established Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 Award. The Entrepreneur of the Year Award is the oldest award in Singapore that salutes and honors local entrepreneurs who have shown outstanding performance as business owners in their chosen field of entrepreneurship. This year marks the 26th annual edition of the awards.Entrepreneur of the Year

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Today’s post comes to us from Mr. Yap Boh Tiong of GLOBALHealthPR Singapore partner, Mileage Communications. Mileage is a regional leader in IPO communications for multinational healthcare companies looking to expand their presence in the Asia-Pacific region.

The road to a successful Initial Public Offering (IPO) can be long and arduous. On average, it requires 12 to 24 months of preparation.

The advisory team typically consists of an underwriter, reporting accountant, independent auditor, legal counsel and public/investor relations (IR) professionals. Generally, the IR professional firm comes on board 6-24 weeks before the launch. Its principal functions are [Read more…] about IPO: The Road to Success

How appropriate that GLOBALHealthPR Australia partner VIVA! Communications chose Alexion’s David Kwasha to share his personal and Company views on rare diseases on World Rare Disease Day during our two-day annual general meeting in Sydney, Australia last week.AGM-14-Logo

He challenged our group of leading, independent health-focused public relations firms to do more to advance the cause of rare diseases, and in particular, ultra-rare diseases.

In the U.S., a rare disease affects fewer than 200,000 persons, and an ultra-rare disease, fewer than 6,000.

David seemed happy to know that GLOBALHealthPR has already supported the location and identification of nearly 100 percent more children with Progeria, most definitely an ultra-rare disease in which children age rapidly. To date, about 110 children have been identified living with Progeria, an increase from 50 or so just five years ago. We titled our campaign “Find the other 150” because at the time, about 200 Progeria children were estimated worldwide. [Read more…] about Realizing Rare Opportunities

Singapore’s skyline during record-breaking haze levels

In late June, as Singapore’s PSI (Pollutant Standards Index) levels shot up to record-breaking levels on the back of haze originating from forest fires in Indonesia’s Sumatra island, Mileage saw an opportunity to release a campaign about eye health in light of the haze situation. The haze affected many parts of the region, and blanketed Singapore in thick smog for more than a week. High concentration of particulate matter in the air meant a potential increase in the number of people suffering from eye ailments. Hence, the release would prove timely to educate the general public with tips and precautions to take during the haze situation, while increasing the public profile of our client – Shinagawa LASIK & Eye Centre.

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For the second and final day of our Annual General Meeting (AGM), Lisbon-based host Jorge Azevedo (Guess What, Portugal) really iced the cake by scheduling our guest speaker Nadim Habib (CEO and Economics Professor of the NOVA School of Business and Economics, Portugal; as well as a good friend and colleague of Jorge’s from his Hill & Knowlton days). [Read more…] about Portugal Economics Professor Habib Delivers, No-Holds Barred, At GLOBALHealthPR Annual Summit