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Today’s blog comes to us from Jonathan Wilson, President of GLOBALHealthPR US Partner and Chair, Spectrum.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is rethinking its rules on what kind of information pharma companies can share with physicians regarding off-label use of their products. That’s good news for the practice of medicine.

At the moment, pharma company employees can talk about a drug only in the context of the condition indicated in its FDA-approved label. Anything they say about another, unapproved use of the drug is considered “misbranding” according to federal law, and subjects the company to civil and criminal prosecution. [Read more…] about Scientific Exchange Calls for Some Talk of “Off-Label” Use

Ken Rabin, PhD

I have been counseling pharmaceutical and other healthcare brand managers about public relations for 35 years. And while brand managers today are much more sophisticated and analytic than they were back in the 70s and 80s, I continue to be at least a bit dismayed about the way they perceive public relations and how it fits into the product marketing mix.

Perhaps what follows are the musings of a public relations person who is past his prime and ready for whatever ultimate fate awaits people who do what I do for a living, but the biggest mistakes I still see healthcare brand managers make about PR are as follows:

  1.      Bringing the PR Consultant in too late
  2.      Failing to accept that all products (and companies) are flawed
  3.      Underestimating the power of patients
  4.      Stinting on evaluating the impact of PR on audiences
  5.      Assuming that PR is a commodity

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We’ve all heard the pros and cons of the industry’s outlook in Europe, the US and some Asian nations, but information from South America and Southeast Asia can be scarce.  However, new data suggests that opportunity may lie in two countries, one that has been mostly overlooked and one at the forefront of global headlines.pills

The new data provide insight into the growing global market for pharma. EyeForPharma, an industry hub led by senior level executives, highlighted these two markets, as well as the markets of several countries across the globe.

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Dinesh Chindarkar
Dinesh Chindarkar

Dinesh Chindarkar, Co-founder of MediaMedic Communications, in the Express Pharma series of articles titled ‘The Digital Dose for Indian Pharma’ elucidates how creating a page on Facebook can help pharma companies to initiate a responsible communication with their target audience and benefit the brand. [Read more…] about Facebook: The amazing book to increase your face value!

pharma-market-codesA new edition of the international guide to pharmaceutical marketing codes is published, announced GLOBALHealthPR, the largest independent public relations organization dedicated to health and medical communications worldwide.

Now in its third edition, the 169-page reference, The Global Guide to Pharma Marketing Codes, provides information on specific codes and regulations surrounding the promotion of medicines in 16 countries. [Read more…] about New Global Guide to Pharmaceutical Marketing Codes Published