Today, Ricardo Bernal of GLOBALHealthPR Mexico partner PRP gives us a look at how to engage multiple stakeholders and the public on an important health issue – teenage pregnancy.

In Mexico, one in two sexually active females aged 12 to 19 is pregnant. This forever alters these young women’s lives as well as the dynamics of their families. Among many issues they face, pregnant teens risk dropping out of school, increases in poverty levels, perpetual low-income jobs and, in most cases, an increased possibility of getting pregnant again in the following years.

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In healthcare communications, key messages can do social good. See how our GLOBALHealthPR Mexico partner, PRP, is playing its part by promoting conservation, public health and the client all in one. 

Water is a limited resource that is continuously stretched to meet increasing global demand. The water we consume today is the same water that we will have in 2050. Taking control of the situation becomes something vital. Nowadays every little action towards water protection and conservation adds up to a common goal: assure water for future generations.water conservation - drop in glass

Mexico is among nations that are facing a rapidly diminishing supply of fresh water. According to Juan Javier Carrillo, member of the Water Net (Red del Agua) from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), in 2050 Mexico will have less than one-third the amount of fresh water per capita that it has today. [Read more…] about Bridging Conservation, Public Health and Industry Through Communication

In today’s post, Paola de la Barreda of our GLOBALHealthPR Mexico partner, PRP, explains how rebranding is much more than just a tale of two logos.prpnuevo

When we founded PRP, we were two young women, not particularly well-known, launching a company in an industry of well-established multinational and local competitors.

With this in mind, our logo—the core of our identity—was serious and formal, designed to communicate our professionalism and capability to represent big brands. The logo also included the words “PR Partners” below PRP, because at the time we felt the need to explain what we did.

Fourteen years later, PRP has had the honor of handling prestigious brands and multinational companies, from healthcare to consumer industries. [Read more…] about Ready to Rebrand? Here’s What You Need to Know