Market Insights

Medical product promotion in Taiwan is subject to strict regulatory limitations, especially for prescription drugs, which cannot be directly advertised to the public. Instead, communication with the public need to be conducted through disease education. This has led to a variety of creative approaches in health communication in Taiwan, aiming to capture the attention of target audiences within the regulatory framework. Leveraging creativity on top of medical expertise to achieve effective communication is precisely the specialty of Elite PR Group. Over the past decade, our healthcare communication projects have won a total of 17 PR Awards.

Taiwan’s widely praised National Health Insurance (NHI) system significantly reduces the financial burden on the public for medical treatment and medication. This has led to increased interest from international medical brands in investing in Taiwan for consistent product sales. Therefore, “policy influence and advocacy” play an increasingly important role in healthcare communication in the Taiwanese market. This is also an aspect that we have been dedicated to developing in recent years, hoping to assist more patients in need through this effort.

Furthermore, Taiwan’s healthcare system has recently been promoting Shared Decision Making (SDM) to encourage collaborative discussions between doctors and patients regarding treatment plans, leading to mutual consensus on treatment approaches. As a result, hospitals and healthcare professionals alike must foster comprehension of effective communication and engagement strategies. With the rising prominence of social media, the management of self-media has become increasingly crucial for maintaining a positive reputation. This trend has also created new service opportunities for healthcare communication agencies.

Our Partner in taiwan

GHMC Taiwan partner ElitePR specializes in communication in areas of innovative healthcare, medical device, policy communication and also works with healthcare companies for branding communication. Since 2019 ElitePR’s team has been an expert in providing clients insightful communication service with the spirit of think global and act local.